BrainChild Co. is a design studio that is focused on developing unique brand identities and visual experiences.

What we do is based on trends that we understand through cultural and social observations for the client and the design. We promise we won't try hard to be different for the sake of being different. Because we believe it has to be different for the sake of greatness.

our projects

CHur Networks


Gondo’s Kitchen

Area 3


Kuroaka Hill



Captivating Story-telling

We are all about delivery high-quality contents. Emotional branding is what separates Brainchild Co. from all the other other agencies. No matter how big or small of a role you play, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and we are all about that!


Smart Efficient People

Since 2017, we have been collaborating with businesses, influencers and even start-up companies all around Asia Pacific and identifying their competitive edge compared to their competitors


Brave Collaboration

Yes we understand, are the words that most agencies tend to overlook. Brainchild does not fast forward the process until we completely understand the clients needs and expectations. We then collaborate where necessary with industry experts to ensure the best possible outcome for the client.


Impress the Consumers

It’s all about leaving an impression in the consumers mind and bringing back leads to your business. We are confident that when you tell a good story, people will remember and that's what makes you different.